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The Norfolk Cheese Company ltd is a cheese specialist which is pleased to supply you with a vast selection of Norfolk cheeses and much more.

We moved to East Anglia in 2004 and it became quite apparent that the region really does have a great passion with not only producing but also supporting local produce. All areas are covered, from wine, spirits, breads and meat’s being produced in the flats of the Fens to the water’s on the Broads.

Whilst benefitting from sampling this vast arrays of local food and drink over the years, I was still raising a family with the schools runs, playground chitter chatter and the dependable day job in the back ground…then in 2017 it all changed, I finally made the leap.

The family was getting older and the day job “food development for a global brand” was still in the background, but I needed to change something, so I did and this was the start of The Norfolk Cheese Company.

I decided to dabble in some cheese mongering and naturally loved it. Within six months I was being told by both friends and family to give in the day job and concentrate on it full time because I was realising this is where my passion lies. People buy from people right?

So when you think of cheese you might think of Lancashire or even the South West but you really are missing out if you haven’t tried Norfolk Cheese. So the idea is, I go and find the best Cheeses that East Anglia has to offer. Once I have found these I then bring it to you – the consumer. So you don’t have to get in the car and drive to the same Deli or shop location every time you want to buy some of this quite truly unique produce. So you will find me at the Farmers Markets, Food Shows and also the occasional specialist exhibitions, just keep an eye out for the Norfolk Cheese Pod – you won’t miss it.

Located just outside of Downham Market we are surrounded by some of the best food producers Norfolk has to offer, I feel privileged to be part of it, sharing and promoting all that Norfolk dairy farmers have to offer.

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Saturday 4th December 2020 – – Kings Lynn Christmas Market (Corn Exchange)

Sunday 5th December 2020 – – Kings Lynn Christmas Market (Corn Exchange)

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