Mrs Temples Copys Cloud 200g




Mrs Temple’s Cheese

Mrs Temples is a Norfolk supplier who provides us with handmade farmhouse cheeses. They raise their Brown Swiss and Holstein herd on the grass meadows of their farm in Wighton, Wells-next-the-sea. They use the milk to make delicious cheeses and the leftover whey and other waste to produce fertilizer for the meadows and bio-gas to power the facilities at the farm, proving they care about the environment, not just their cows.


Mrs Temples Copys Cloud is a soft buttery brie style cheese made from cows milk. It is milder in taste than a Brie de Meux with a buttery melting centre.

Delicious melted or lathered straight onto warm fresh bread. Comes as whole round and is a delightful addition to any cheese board.

Cheese type: Soft
Milk type: Cow

Pasteurised : Yes
Suitable for Vegetarian: Yes