Its all about EWE! Norfolk’s Ewes Milk Cheese Selection



The Norfolk Cheese Company brings this magnificent collection of ewes milk cheeses all produced by Jane Murray on Willow Farm, Wymondham, Norfolk.

What’s included in the box?

Deopham Blewe 200g

This soft blue cheese has a beautiful creamy flavour and texture, both becoming more pronounced as the cheese matures.

Wissington 200g

A classic semi hard milky white cheese with a slightly bubbled textured, smooth and silky with a hard-dark grey rind. (Save that for flavouring sauces). Similar to a Manchego

Norfolk White Lady 180g 

Norfolk White Lady is a soft white Ewe’s milk cheese from Jane Murray at Willow Farm over at Deopham. Reminiscent of Brie it’s mild and creamy but with an ewe’s milk heritage has a slightly richer and stronger finish.

Norfolk White Lady is best appreciated when allowed to warm a little and ideally should be removed from the fridge around an hour before serving

Millers Artisan Crackers 125g 

All weights are approximate –

All boxed up with shred and icepacks and delivered to your door

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