Candi’s Norfolk Knobbly Chutney


A unique regional version of the traditional piccalilli


 Handmade in the heart of Norfolk 

Candi has been a professional chef for 30 years and in that time she have perfected a very different product. Candi believes in taste and quality and it sure does show in the taste of her products.

All of the Chutneys are her very own recipes and have evolved over many years of experimentation, which has resulted in a quality Chutney, apart from our Non Mango Mango Chutney which is an old Kashmiri Chutney recipe given to her by a good friends grandmother!

For all the Chutney she uses the very best quality Great British grown produce, but unfortunately Norfolk is not well known for its wealth of home grown spices, such as Star Anise and Turmeric!

Norfolk Knobbly Chutney

Our unique take on a Traditional Piccalilli recipe,but made with just Celeriac & Onion (No EVIL Cauliflower).

Named after the very Knobbly Celeriac!

Great with proper Gammon Ham & full flavoured Cheeses such a Keens mature and Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher.